Why hire a professional?


When engaging a professional is better than doing it yourself.

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Why engage a professional for something you can do yourself? There can be many reasons.

Recently the value of working with someone with specialist expertise demonstrated to me one of the reasons in a surprising way.

I am of the age when, in addition to contact lenses for my life long short-sightedness, reading glasses are essential. Using both is cumbersome so instead of dealing with two different visual aides, I have decided a single pair of glasses with progressive lenses will be easier.

After an eye exam, the optician introduces himself, explains how progressive lenses work and ushers me to the extensive display of frames. Getting to choose new frames is the best part of the visit. So many possibilities! Do I want to look scholarly? Edgy? Sophisticated?

Mr Optician crashes my spectacle fantasies by saying he wants me to try some frames from the children’s collection. Eh?

It turns out he has some very good reasons for this suggestion. While telling me about the progressive lenses earlier he mentions a smaller lens size means less visual distortion with a strong prescription like mine. This is something I know from past experience and hearing it again from him boosts my confidence in his skills.

Further explaining his recommendation, he points out that many of the kid’s frames have adult styling and, having sized up my face and head with a single glance, was confident the older kid’s options would fit well. It turns out both are true. My trust in his expertise ratchets up another notch.

He hands me a pair of frames from the children’s rack to try on. Wow, they’re nice!

I sample some others from the kid’s rack, always favouring the first pair.

Next, he selects a few smaller adult frames that might work for me. There is one pair that is a serious contender but ultimately I stick with the first frames he handed me from the kid’s rack. They give me a professional, timeless look that suits me well. These are “it” I declare. Mr Optician agrees.

He had a pretty good inkling from the start, based on his skills and experience.

Sure, I could have gotten the job done myself. After all I had done it many times before. But the expertise of a qualified knowledgeable professional saved me a lot of time and got me a better product than what I would have achieved alone.

Something to keep in mind if you are considering sorting out the myriad of accessibility requirements on your building project yourself.

You will likely save time and end up with a better result if you reconsider the d.i.y. approach and talk to an access professional.