About Universal Design

A Universal Design approach recognises and inclusively designs for human diversity and various life scenarios such as pregnancy, childhood, injury, disability and old age.

Learn more about universal design in New Zealand with these resources:

  • Auckland Council is leading the way among councils for promoting universal design in New Zealand.

  • BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand) encourages universal design in housing.

Reading braille

Universal Design considers 7 principles and is embraced in the built environment internationally. These are:

Principle 1: Equitable use

Principle 2: Flexibility in use

Principle 3: Simple and intuitive use

Principle 4: Perceptible information

Principle 5: Tolerance for error

Principle 6: Low physical effort

Principle 7: Size and space for approach and use


Learn more about universal design in the built environment with some of the many international resources available: